Hello Friend,

If you are reading this page, perhaps you are looking for a church, or an answer.  You can find out about us on the other pages.  This one is for you.  

We know there are a million reasons why people don't attend church anymore.  (We agree with some of them!)  But let's get down to the heart of it--early Christians were about spreading the good news of God's love and His Son in a time when people were suffering, lost and often abused by those in charge.  "Church" was all about fellowship together, sharing love without boundaries or limits.  When you live in this type of community, you feel a fullness and peace you cannot get anywhere else.

Some things in this world don't seem to have changed much in 2000 years.  The world can still be a hard and dark place.  But there are still are spaces where you can come and feel safe and loved.  Do you need a reminder that you are a beloved child of God?  Don't be afraid to reach out.  Hearts and hands are ready to receive you.


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